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Mester School

C/Vázquez Coronado 5, 37002 Salamanca

Telephone: +34 923 21 38 35

Fax: +34 923 21 38 41



José Ramón López Hernández


Academia Mester


Mester, founded in 1991, offers its international students the chance to feel, live and become part of unique way of life which is quite different from their own.
At Mester, learning doesn’t finish when lessons do. We guarantee that each one of our many activities will give students a glimpse of different aspects of Spanish culture. From the guided city tour of the city’s historical buildings to weekend excursions to other cities, salsa and guitar lessons to tapas tours, our objective is always the same: for students to experience Spain as well as Spanish.
Most of the students who come and study with us do so via recommendation of a Spanish teacher or an ex-student. We are strongly committed to each of the 5000 students who visit us each year and our schools’ image is defined by student satisfaction and enthusiasm.
Spain is a country with enormous cultural riches and at Mester we feel that this is the reason that a Spanish course here is so gratifying. We accept with enthusiasm the challenge of preparing our students for future success in the decades to come.


Academia Mester