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Spanish Courses Unamuno

Avda. Reyes de España 25-27, 37008 Salamanca

телефон: +34 923 21 20 55

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Alfredo Miguel de Pablo

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Colegio Unamuno


Spanish Courses Unamuno is a specialized center in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language for nearly three decades center. It also has a long history and experience in teacher training ELE.
We are accredited center by the Instituto Cervantes.
We have our own methodology which is essentially communicative and we display a task-based approach. The student is the center of the learning process and the teacher is presented as a guide and driver of this process. In 2013 we published our new method "Discover the Spanish", which reflects our methodological principles.
Spanish Courses Unamuno commitment to new technologies through the creation of its online platform in 2014 and its mobile app draft cultural and linguistic content, also in 2014.

We work every day to offer students a quality service, because the important thing for us is not a student come to our school (also) but the experience has been so good to want to repeat.


Colegio Unamuno


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